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Protein Information
Domain Id d1914a1
DB_Source-ClassASTRAL-1.75B, d.49.1.1
Moleculeu'Signal recognition particle 14 kDa protein'
SSE Sequence*(5) HEEEH
Protein Topology 

Topology Information

Protein topology is represented by contact and orientation of secondary structure elements (SSEs). The figure on the left represents the contact map with information on type of orientation two SSEs share (color coded). The matrix can be represented in following string representation.

Contact String
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Prefence of topology : False

Linear Topology Graph : d1914a1
Protein Id: d1914a1
Topology Graph : d1914a1
Protein Id: d1914a1
Modules in queried Topology
#SSE SSE string Contact String Preferrence  ProteinDB  DomainsDB
3 EEE Ea.Ea-0 True 3FIF:F, 3MLQ:G, 4A94:C, 4EAG:B, 4EAI:B, 4OEL:B, 4PKF:C, 5BWD:C, 5DZD:A, 5K2M:E, 2BZY:A, 2QN5:B, 2V8Q:B, d1co4a_, d1dl6a_, d1egfa_, d1gl1i_, d1k36a_, d1k81a_, d1ng2a1, d1nvpd2, d1pina1, d1tpga2, d1twfi1, d1twfi2, d2akla2, d2dara2, d2k4xa1, d2v8qb1, 1co4A00, 1dl6A00, 1co4A00, 1dl6A00, 1k36A00, 1nvpD02,
3 EEH Ea.Ca-Cp True 2ZVX:A, 2ZVX:B, 3BYB:A, 3BYB:B, 3BYB:C, 3FP7:J, 3IUF:A, 3M7Q:B, 3MJH:B, 3MJH:D, 3U1J:E, 3WUP:A, 4BQD:B, 4DTG:K, 4E1P:A, 4E1P:B, 4MPI:A, 4MPI:B, 4NTW:B, 4R2Y:A, 4R2Y:B, 4R2Y:C, 4R2Y:D, 4U30:W, 4U30:X, 4U30:Y, 4U30:Z, 4U32:X, 4UR6:A, 4UR6:B, 4WP4:A, 4WXA:F, 4XKL:D, 4Z0O:A, 5D0I:B, 5I72:A, 5I72:B, 5JB5:A, 5JB5:B, 5JB5:C, 5JG6:A, 5JG6:D, 1AAP:A, 1BUN:B, 1D0D:A, 1DTX:A, 1FAK:I, 1G6X:A, 1HG7:A, 1KTH:A, 1UCS:A, 1Y62:A, 2B9D:A, 2UUY:B, 2VUT:I, 3AUB:A, 5M4V:A, d1b8ta2, d1bhia_, d1bika1, d1bunb_, d1d0da_, d1dtxa_, d1fu9a_, d1g6xa_, d1jjda_, d1ktha_, d1m36a_, d1neia_, d1njqa_, d1q9ba_, d1srka_, d1tf3a1, d1tf3a3, d1tocr1, d1tocr2, d1u5sb2, d1u85a1, d1ucsa_, d1v6ga2, d1wjpa3, d1x4ka1, d1x61a2, d1x6aa2, d1x6fa1, d1x6ha1, d1x6ha2, d1xbta2, d1yuja_, d2b9da1, d2csha2, d2cu8a2, d2cupa2, d2cuqa1, d2d8xa1, d2dasa1, d2dj7a1, d2djaa1, d2dlka2, d2dloa2, d2dsma1, d2epra1, d2epsa1, d2jz6a1, d2uuyb1, d2vuti1, d2vy4a1, d3m7qb_, 1aapA00, 1bunB00, 1d0dA00, 1aapA00, 1bunB00, 1d0dA00, 1dtxA00, 1g6xA00, 1gjzA00, 1jjdA00, 1kthA00, 1neiA00, 1ucsA00, 2vutI00,
4 EEEH Ea.Ea.Ca-0.Cp-Ca True 2YZT:A, 3BID:D, 3BID:H, 3FPU:B, 3TN2:A, 4MHE:C, 4MHE:D, 4OIJ:A, 4OIJ:B, 4WPY:A, 4XT1:B, 4ZLT:F, 5COY:A, 5COY:B, 5EKI:A, 5EKI:B, 5EKI:C, 5EKI:D, 5EKI:E, 5EKI:F, 1DOK:A, 1F2L:A, 2FGG:A, 2FHT:A, 2Q8R:E, 2RA4:A, d1b3aa_, d1f2la_, d1g2sa_, d1j8ia_, d1o80a_, d1wiia_, d2fgga1, d2q8re_, d2ra4a_, 1b3aA00, 1b69A00, 1b3aA00, 1b69A00, 1eigA00, 1f2lA00, 1icwB00, 1j8iA00, 2fhtA00,
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