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Protein Information
PDBId & Chain3D1N : M
MoleculePOU domain, class 6, transcription factor 1
SSE Sequence*(7) HHHHHHH
Protein Topology 

Topology Information

Protein topology is represented by contact and orientation of secondary structure elements (SSEs). The figure on the left represents the contact map with information on type of orientation two SSEs share (color coded). The matrix can be represented in following string representation.

Contact String
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Prefence of topology : True

Linear Topology Graph : 3D1N_M
Protein Id: 3D1N_M
Topology Graph : 3D1N_M
Protein Id: 3D1N_M
Modules in queried Topology
#SSE SSE string Contact String Preferrence  ProteinDB  DomainsDB
3 HHH Hr.Hr-Hr True 2XVC:A, 3C57:B, 3E7L:A, 3E7L:C, 3E7L:D, 3FGH:A, 3I71:A, 3SJM:A, 3SJM:B, 3U2B:C, 4A3N:A, 4D6K:A, 4D6K:B, 4D6K:C, 4D6K:D, 4D6K:E, 4L5E:A, 4QR9:A, 4QR9:B, 4S2Q:D, 4X86:B, 4Y60:C, 5DUK:A, 5DUK:B, 5TW1:E, 1GUU:A, 1GVD:A, 1L0O:C, 1UJ8:A, 2CJJ:A, 2HDZ:A, 2OOA:A, d1a6qa1, d1efub3, d1fexa_, d1g2ha_, d1gv2a2, d1gvda_, d1hlva2, d1iioa_, d1irza_, d1iufa2, d1j3da_, d1k78a2, d1l0oc_, d1l6ja1, d1lbua1, d1m1eb_, d1ofcx1, d1qzea1, d1rp3a1, d1rq6a_, d1smyf1, d1ttea1, d1u78a2, d1uj8a1, d1uxca_, d1uzca_, d1veka_, d1w0ua_, d1wgxa_, d1wiva_, d1x58a1, d1xb2b1, d1xc5a1, d2cfxa1, d2cg4a1, d2cjja1, d2cosa1, d2cp8a1, d2cqra1, d2crga1, d2crna1, d2cyya1, d2daha1, d2diia1, d2dkla1, d2doda1, d2hdza_, d2lefa_, d2ve8a_, d4a3na_, 1bbyA00, 1bbyA00, 1dp3A00, 1efuB01, 1fexA00, 1g2hA00, 1gt0D00, 1gvdA00, 1hsmA00, 1ifyA00, 1iioA00, 1irzA00, 1iv6A00, 1k78I00, 1l0oC00, 1l8yA00, 1rq6A00, 1uxdA00, 1uzcA00, 1w0tA00, 1w0uA00, 1wivA00, 2lefA00,
3 HHH Hr.Hr-0 True 2XUV:A, 2XUV:B, 2XUV:C, 2XUV:D, 2YFV:A, 2YFV:B, 3B0D:C, 3B0D:W, 3CX5:H, 3F75:P, 3MVD:B, 3MVD:F, 3NQJ:A, 3NQJ:B, 3R45:A, 3R45:B, 3V9R:D, 3X1T:B, 3X1T:F, 4CSR:B, 4E45:B, 4E45:D, 4E45:L, 4E45:N, 4H9N:B, 4YNH:A, 4YNH:B, 5AY8:B, 5AY8:F, 5BNX:A, 5BNX:B, 5DA5:Y, 5FIR:L, 5G49:B, 5JA4:A, 5JA4:B, 1A7W:A, 1B67:A, 1JFI:A, 1JKO:C, 1KU5:A, 1TAF:A, 1TAF:B, 2D3E:A, 2HUE:B, 2HUE:C, 2NXQ:A, 2YFW:B, 4ONS:B, d1b67a_, d1jfia_, d1n1jb_, d1tafa_, d1tafb_, d1zx3a1, d2huec_, d2np3a1, d2nxqa_, d3cx5h_, 1b67A00, 1b67A00, 1jfiA00, 1kx5B00, 1n1jB00, 1tafA00, 1tafB00, 1zx3A01, 2hueC00, 3cx5H00,
3 HHH Hr.0-0 True 2ZXX:D, 2ZXX:E, 3H87:D, 3KXE:C, 3KXE:D, 3PN7:D, 4FXE:A, 4FXE:B, 4J2N:B, 4J2N:D, 4QIC:B, 4QIC:D, 4Z8L:C, 5CEG:A, 5CEG:C, 1HWT:C, 1OV9:A, 1T0F:C, 1ZX3:A, 2BSQ:E, 2ER8:A, 5VJI:C, 5WWO:C, 5X3T:A, d1ov9a_, d1y9ba1, d2bska1, d2bsqe1, 1bpeA01, 1bpeA01, 1uklC00,
3 HHH 0.Hr-Hr True 3E7L:B, 4CGE:A, 4GHJ:A, 4OW1:B, 4OW1:E, 4OW1:W, 4OW1:X, 5LUP:A, 5LUP:B, 5LUP:C, 5LUP:D, 5LUP:E, 5LUP:F, 5LUP:G, 5LUP:H, 5LUP:I, 5LUP:J, 5LUP:K, 5LUP:L, 5LUS:A, 5LUS:B, 5LUS:C, 5LUS:D, 5LUS:E, 5LUS:F, 5LUS:G, 5LUS:H, 5LUS:I, 5LUS:J, 1A0A:A, 1HYP:A, 2OYY:A, 2VKL:A, 5HUB:A, d1a0aa_, d1hypa_, d3cjrb1, 1a0aA00, 1hypA00,
4 HHHH Hr.Hr.Hr-Hr.0-Hp True 3D1N:J, 3D1N:N, 3D1N:P, 4ZC3:A, d1l8ca_, d2ckxa1, 1l8cA00,
4 HHHH Hr.Hr.0-0.0-0 False 2A6H:E, 2a6hE00,
4 HHHH Hr.0.0-0.0-0 True 3H87:C, 3V9R:A, 3V9R:C, 4Q2U:A, 4Q2U:C, 4Q2U:E, 4Q2U:G, 4Q2U:I, 4Q2U:K, 4Q2U:M, 4Q2U:O, 5FD3:A, 5FD3:B, d1ef1c_, 1y9bA00,
4 HHHH 0.0.Hr-0.Hr-0 True 3X39:A, 5LUT:B, 5LUT:F, 5LUT:G, 5LUT:I, 2O8X:A, d1szpa1, d2i1qa1,
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